Volti Audio Vittora horns: four bands and hundreds of veneers to choose from

The American company Volti Audio has created the Vittora-horn acoustics, almost corresponding to the all-horn format. “Almost” – because the horn system for the lowest octave would be too large.

In the name of purity of ideology, the manufacturer did not equip the system with an active sub — it was replaced by the low-frequency expansion module ELF. As a result, the Vittora is a 4-band system, the signal in which is distributed by a carefully tuned passive crossover with a slope of 24 dB.

Volti Audio Vittora horns

The low-frequency (more precisely, this is the “lower mids”) Vittora cabinet uses a 15-inch woofer in a folded horn configuration. A large wooden horn with a two-inch throat works at the middle frequencies, and a horn with an inch “entrance” works at high frequencies. Each of them has the corresponding compression drivers installed.

Volti Audio Vittora horns

Volti Audio recommended complementing the acoustics with Marchand MB42 300W amplifiers, which can be sold as a set. The systems operate in the 25 Hz – 20 kHz range, are capable of withstanding 200 watts for a long time, and show a sensitivity of 104 dB.

Volti Audio Vittora horns

Volti Audio has offered hundreds of veneers for the Vittora as finishes, and the firm can send samples to the future speaker owner to select from. Specifically, prefabricated Vittora systems in Walnut Burl veneer with walnut burl with Marchand MB42 amplifiers are now available at a discounted price of $29,900. The total price of such a kit is $37,300.

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