Active monitor speakers Yamaha MSP3A received an improved phase inverter port Twisted Flare Port

The Yamaha MSP3A speakers are professional-grade active shelf monitors. Despite the modest dimensions, the acoustics turned out to be quite productive.

The basis of the model is a built-in 22 W amplifier with a set of proprietary technologies designed to provide clear sound at all frequencies.

Yamaha MSP3A

One of the main features of the MSP3A is the phase-inverting Twisted Flare Port with the effect of turbulence suppression. The special shape and properties of the port should give “more confident, undistorted and consistent bass”.

The MSP3A monitor speaker is equipped with a 10-cm woofer and a 2.2-cm tweeter in a 23.6 cm high case weighing 3.6 kg. Like the previous MSP3 model, the new MSP3A has RCA, XLR and 6.3 mm inputs, as well as volume control and the ability to adjust low and high.

Yamaha MSP3A

Yamaha recommends MSP3A monitors for small studios. These versatile speakers should handle almost any task. However, MSP3A was created for professional audio work, but not for listening to music. Among other things, the manufacturer noted that the new monitors are suitable not only for stereo, but also for multi-channel setups.

In the US, the estimated cost of one MSP3A monitor was $200. For an additional fee, you can purchase wall / ceiling brackets and holders for standard microphone stands.

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