Craft Recordings has launched a series of Small Batch vinyl reissues with a one-step varnish printing process

The label Craft Recordings has an extensive catalog and decided to start producing high-quality vinyl reissues — but not easy ones. Each album selected for reissue in the Small Batch series will undergo fully analog mastering from the original master tapes, and the printing process will involve one-step nail polish creation at the RTI factory, rather than the three-step process as usual. This method, as described in the description, allows you to get the highest level of sound detail, clarity and dynamics, while reducing the noise level of the record.

The first release in the series was “Lush Life” by John Coltrane-a release that will be 60 years old this year. A total of 1,000 records will be released, each copy will receive a unique number. The release will receive two outer envelopes: the record, protected by an antistatic inner liner, is placed first in a thin envelope with a reproduction of the original cover, and then in a thick linen paper envelope with a metallic logo. The set includes a new booklet with notes from historians, journalists and other specialists.

Mastering was done by Bernie Grundman. He used a custom tube amplifier and an analog console with discrete electronics. The master disks were cut on a Scully machine with a transistor custom circuit.

The release cost was $99. At the moment, all the records are sold out.

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