Piega Ace: junior series of narrow aluminum acoustics

The fairly well-known Piega TMicro series of acoustics has a modern successor — the Ace series. Narrow speakers with aluminum bodies, according to the company, will be a great first step into the world of Piega.

The new junior line currently includes three models of acoustics-the Ace 50 floor lamps, the Ace 30 shelf lamps and the Ace Center central channel acoustics. Due to the use of aluminum, the cases were made small, but quite rigid: the depth of the meter floor pads, except for the base, is 16 cm, and the width of the front panel is 14 cm at all. Ace 30 shelves with similar dimensions of width and depth in height reach only 22 cm. At the same time, the same floor coverings weigh 12 kg. A well-thought-out damping system that effectively drowns out the ringing aluminum body gives the acoustics a lot of weight. The same purpose is served by the shape of the speakers, which in cross-section resembles a guitar pick.

Piega Ace

A 24 x 36 mm ribbon tweeter is responsible for the high frequencies in the Ace line, while the mid-bass range is voiced by 120 mm speakers with MDS diffusers, redesigned and optimized specifically for acoustics with such enclosures. The shelf speakers have one midrange / woofer, the central channel speakers have two, and the floor speakers have a plus two 120 mm MDS speakers with a bass unit with a diffuser made of Mittenton material.

The phase inverter of the floor model is displayed on the front panel. The sound, according to the company, is rich, airy, voluminous, accurate and realistic. So, Ace 30 and Ace Center play in the range from 50 Hz to 40 kHz, Ace 50 – from 45 Hz. With an impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 87 dB for the shelf and 90 dB for the floor, amplifiers with a power of 20 to 150 watts will be required.

Piega Ace

All models are available in three colors-silver, black or white with protective nets of suitable shades. The cost of Ace 30 shelves in Europe is 490 euros per piece, Ace 50 floor shelves — 990 euros, and the central channel-590 euros. Sales are expected to start in the spring.

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