Burson V6 Vivid review

Burson V6 Vivid belongs to a rather expensive line of operational amplifiers, unlike the cheaper V5i that we recently received. Burson V6 have two version: Vivid and Classic. Given the sound diagram, we can see that the Classic version is more slower, but given this should have a warmer tube sound. Vivid is faster, dynamic and transparent, and as we can see from the numerous reviews on the forums, it is more popular with users, it is about that we will talk today.

Let’s make a note right away that we tested the V6 vivid mainly various on low and mid range headphone amplifiers, and in all cases the sound changed incredibly radically.

Burson V6 Vivid

Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V6 Vivid Dual is a specialized two-channel operational amplifier for use in high-quality audio equipment amplification stages. Unlike general-purpose IC operational amplifiers, which focus on high gain with a high level of OOS, Burson aims to achieve low noise and distortion at a low level of OOS, as well as low temperature drift characteristics. Also, SS operational amplifiers have a wider frequency band, and can operate in a large range of supply voltages. These are the characteristics that are critical to the sound quality of analog audio amplifiers.

Burson V6 Vivid

The input stage of the Burson Audio op amp is equipped with a pair of carefully matched FETs. Each such pair is drawn in a two-stage sample. The main section uses not a traditional voltage amplifier, but a “current mirror” circuit. An output pair of selectable FETs is included in an emitter follower configuration that provides the op amp with high output current at low impedance — a combination of parameters that allows the op amp to be used in a wide variety of audio applications.


Burson V6 Vivid

The V6 Vivid sound is dynamic, transparent and immersive. It’s like the sound of the V5i has been improved in every way. From incredible dynamic range, three-dimensional soundstage, to the ability to reproduce the smallest micro-details. V6 Vivid invites you to be present while recording music. Play Chris Botti ‘Live With Orchestra And Special Guests (2006)’ and suddenly you are in the best place in the auditorium. Chris and his beautiful band materialize live on stage and you are immersed in magic.

The first thing that fundamentally affects the sound of the opamp is the quality of the power supply, with a switching power supply you can expect good sound only from slow opamp with a slew rate of less than 9V/μs, other faster opamps will sound too boring and pale. And at a minimum, such a power supply requires high-quality Nichicon PW capacitors. This is why we used separate linear power supply Topping P50.

Like the V5i, we tested the V6 vivid on mid range Topping A50 to clearly see the difference between V5i and V6 vivid. Burson V5i is really an excellent opamp in all respects, but V6 vivid seems to saturate all spectra with colors. The sound stage for both opamps is about the same – but you don’t have to wait for more, the construction of the stage at V5i and V6 vivid is magnificent, it’s just hard to imagine something more. The difference starts in tone coloration, micro detail and overall resolution.

Burson V6 Vivid

High Frequency have a good length and a very decent layering, the saturation of overtones is close to the reference. Attacks and fades are realistic, as is the resolution. From a technical point of view, the HF is nice, and the general slight touch of heat in the feed makes the top not accentuated. In other words the HF is present here in due quantity and quality, at the same time they do not climb to the fore.

Mid Range are delivered in a slightly lukewarm manner in the lower half of this range and have a slightly accentuated energy. Otherwise, there is the same reasonable balance of resolution and weight, providing a pleasant musicality without compromising on detail. Analog tube feed and fusion are dosed very moderately, at the same time the emphasis of microdynamics and emotions also felt here. The imaginary scene is noticeably larger than the average in depth and width, but this opamp does not attempt to artificially increase it – and this is especially pleasing.

The bass is neutral, technical, linear, going to the maximum depth and providing good resolution and texture. You can immediately hear that the V6 vivid is a fairly powerful source, which does not have problems with control. V6 vivid does not try to deliver the maximum speed, instead, the bass in his performance has good physicality and weight, which is especially beneficial for live acoustic instruments.


Burson V6 Vivid

If you are into opamps, Burson V6 vivid is definitely what you should have. This is something that can take your device’s performance to incredible heights. One of the best opamps today.

★ Our choice.

Official site: www.bursonaudio.com

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