Bowers & Wilkins announces 705 Signature speakers

The Bowers & Wilkins Signature Acoustic Series has a rich history, and this year it continues: the company introduced the 705 Signature shelf model.

The novelty is much like the floor model 702 Signature – it uses the same speakers, except that the configuration is only two-way, like that of the 705, which is now available for sale (therefore, there are no Aerofoil bass drivers). Acoustics received a 165 mm midrange/woofer and a new tweeter with a carbon fiber dome.

According to the company’s representatives, such a dome, in contrast to the double aluminum one, moves more evenly, without creating unnecessary distortions in the detailed moments and ensuring maximum transparency of the sound. The tweeter body is borrowed from the 800 Diamond series: it is made from a single piece of aluminum, which provides it with maximum inertia. As a result, the high-frequency player plays up to 40kHz.

The mid-range/low-frequency speaker, like the existing models of the seven-hundredth series, is made using Continuum technology, which is characterized by a more controlled response and a reduced level of distortion. This was achieved due to a special sandwich structure, which we described in detail in reviews of various models of Bowers & Wilkins.

Acoustics can be connected via bi-amps and bi-amping. The developers of the company paid special attention to the redesigned crossover (albeit without details), as well as to the design of the acoustics. This model will be available in a rare veneer ebony veneer coated with glossy varnish – and each pair will look unique.

The back panel of acoustics was decorated with a silver plate with the name of the model. The release of the 700 Signature series, however, will not be limited, unlike previous generations of Signature – so the label will do without serial numbers. The company assured that all the technical innovations of this series have led to an increase in resolution, greater clarity and detail. Half-internal Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature will cost about 3300$.