Audiosense AQ3 review

Audiosense AQ3 a new model from a famous Chinese company and one of our most beloved manufacturers. Audiosense is able to surprise with manufacturability, pleasant sound setting and quality of the material at a very reasonable price. Many people remember the incredible success of the T800 model, this time the company proposed a mid-budget model. This is the first hybrid Audiosense model, and given the stated characteristics (knowles two balanced armature and one 10mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver) and price 179$ on Aliexpress, there is really something to talk about.

Accessories & Packaging

The Audiosense AQ3 are delivered in a dense black medium-sized cardboard box with a minimum information.

The cardboard box contains a transparent water resistant case. All accessories are inside the case. There are 3 pairs of silicone tips in s/m/l sizes and 3 pairs of foam tips in one size.

Also in the box you will find a cable, cleaning tool and a couple of documents. Nothing really interesting. All the fun begins with design, and that the most pleasant reaches an apotheosis in sound.


We really like the transparent body of the earphones, especially when it is done with taste and quality as Audiosens can. The body looks pretty impressive, they are slightly larger than the average size, light and pleasant to the touch. Made of acrylic using 3D printing. The external part is decorated with an iridescent carbon texture with a beautiful light 3d effect and the name of the company and model on different headphones.

The inner part is transparent, with a slight smoky effect, all the inner contents are clearly visible here. It is clearly seen that each driver has its own sound guide which is connected to the main sound guide.

We really liked the design of the model, Audiosense is one of the few manufacturers who know, how to make you enjoy tactile and visual sensations, and not just sound.

The kit comes with an 8-core cable with MMCX connections which is made of oxygen-free silver-plated copper. Such production is able to provide sound transparency and higher resolution. The cable is covered with silicone braid which completely eliminates the microphone effect. Here we can give the highest rating.


Describing the general sound of the AQ3, one can immediately note the emotional detail, expressiveness in the whole spectrum and speed in the low range. Strange, but the measurement graphs in our opinion do not reflect the real picture of the sound. We hear a completely even range throughout the spectrum, there is no emphasis on the bottoms, which would be expected, given the 10mm dynamic driver.

High frequencies.
The mesmerizing detail of natural timbres in this range attracts your attention as soon as you hear any live performance. Cymbals of percussion instruments sound lively and fresh, we want to listen to every touch of the pick and string, marveling at the naturalness of the atmosphere. Despite its naturalness, you will not feel the transition from the middle range, everything is tuned in such a way that there is no hole when moving to a high spectrum. Air, transparency and natural lightness are here. We really like the high frequencies of the AQ3.

Mid frequencies.
This is what immediately attracts your attention. Listening to almost any style, you will first of all be surprised by the perfect balance of this range and its consistency with low and upper case. Definitely the middle will appeal to fans to listen to all the small nuances of complex musical compositions, the attenuation of strings and the aftertone of rooms. The average frequency in Audiosense AQ3 is one of the main trump cards of this model. The weight of sound in this range will please the most demanding listeners, it is obvious that the quality level of this frequencies range in AQ3 is much higher than other competitors in this segment.

Low frequencies.
Here you can note coherence, high resolution and a good level of stage presentation. We were surprised how Audiosense was able to tune the low range, this is the case when the bass depth can be called natural, it does not fall into a rumble, while continuing to fascinate you with its speed and distinctness. Maybe a little subbass is missing, but this is a matter of taste, probably electronics music lovers will want something lower here. But overall, great work Audiosens!


We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the new Audiosense AQ3 model because you can hardly find something more emotional, technological and exquisitely made at an affordable price. If you want to feel what high quality sound is without overpaying for a lot of money, try to start with Audiosens AQ3, it really sounds much more expensive than it costs. This model will introduce you to sound that can be called delicious and sophisticated in every sense and range. Perhaps one of our favorite models for today.


Driver Unit:Knowles Two Balanced Armature and one Dynamic-Hybrid 3Unit Audiophile Earphone
Impedance: 18ohms
Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz
Plug Type: L Bending Mornitor
Plugs: 3.5mm connector
Pin Type: Copper MMCX Connections
Cord Length: 50“ /125cm
Cable type: Detachable cable- 8 Strands 19core silver plate copper cable

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