Mobee-K headphones: Type-C connectivity and Deezer exclusive for Samsung Galaxy

Mobee-K in-ear headphones can work with any smartphone equipped with a USB-C connector. But as part of a partnership with Samsung, this model received special settings for interaction with Deezer.

Everything looks as if the Deezer application is embedded in the headphones themselves, and the theme of this service is also configured – with wallpapers, exclusive playlists and service shortcuts. All of this is accessible through the phone lock screen and home screen menu, but exclusively on Samsung Galaxy models starting with the 2019 S10 and Note 10.


It can be assumed that, having recognized the headphones, the smartphone simply downloads the corresponding applications from the Galaxy Store. However, the main thing here is not the method, but the result.

The Mobee-K smart headphones are available exclusively on Amazon for the equivalent of $22.

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