EVE Audio SC4070 studio monitors: four emitters with 250-watt amplifier each

The German company EVE Audio has decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release of a special studio monitor SC4070, which replaced the SC407.

The new model is a professional speaker with four amplifier modules for use as a midfield monitor. The company has provided for both vertical and horizontal placement.

EVE Audio SC4070

The SC4070 uses two 6.5 “SilverCone woofers with 1.5” coils. According to the company, such emitters are capable of reproducing sounds from 32 to 280 Hz. Responsible for the middle is one 4-inch driver of the same series, which features a fiberglass cover for the diffusers with a honeycomb structure. According to EVE Audio, such membranes will provide more detailed and clearer sound.

Like most of the company’s other monitors, the SC4070 uses proprietary AMT tweeters. However, for the anniversary model, an updated AMT 3.1 was produced with improved internal damping and more efficient magnets. The tweeter is capable of playing sounds up to 40 kHz.

EVE Audio SC4070

As stated, the SC4070 contains four amplifiers, one 250W Class D module per radiator. The declared sound pressure level reaches 126 dB. Among other things, it is worth noting the presence of a built-in processor that controls the adjustment of the sound to the room. The multifunctional control handle is located on the front side.

In the European market for one monitor EVE Audio SC4070 asked for 2,400 euros.

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