Audel Nika MKIII: Full-range driver in a multiplex maze

The Sicilian company Audel presented the Nika MKIII shelf units. The third generation of the brand’s most famous loudspeakers continues to feature a full-range 3-inch aluminum-magnesium cone driver with Santoprene surround.

According to the company, the signal for this speaker goes through a notch filter. In addition, a labyrinthine acoustic design is responsible for the formation of sound, which can also be considered an elongated slotted phase inverter.

Audel Nika MKIII

Its channel crosses the entire depth of the cabinet three times – with an exit on the front panel. In order to keep the body as rigid as possible, it is glued from layers of birch veneer of variable geometry. Audel called this solution a multiplex design.

Audel Nika MKIII

In the MKIII version, Nika speakers added 1 dB to the sensitivity, up to 87 dB. With an internal volume of about 3 liters, these shelf units play in the 60 Hz to 20 kHz range.

Optional grills and proprietary supports can be purchased for Nika MKIII. They are said to be able to improve the sound without raising the speaker height too much.

Audel Nika MKIII

Another difference of the third version of Nika is the design. This time, the front panel has received a rosehip veneer finish – “wood of the aristocracy”, which has recently been used not so often. The unique texture of the panel is hand-polished and finished with shellac, contrasting with the lighter layers of birch wood.

In Europe, Audel Nika MKIII speakers cost 1,300 euros. A set of supports will cost 400, and grills – another 130 euros.

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