Theory Audio Design iw25 built-in speaker: home, all-weather and multifunctional

The first product announced by the American company Theory Audio Design in 2021 was the iw25 built-in speaker. It’s a plastic bezel that integrates a pair of proprietary 5-inch mid-woofers with carbon fiber cones and ingeniously shaped concave dust caps. The waveguide of the 1.4-inch polymer compression tweeter is also molded in it.

In the same way, two phase inverter nozzles are formed in the front panel. The novelty is capable of providing sound pressure up to 117 dB – according to the manufacturer, this is a “cinematic caliber” system. With an unevenness of -3 dB, iw25 plays from 52 dB. A proprietary mounting adapter is suitable for mounting the speaker, it is ready to become part of Theory Audio Design home theater installations, equipped with amplification systems with auto-tuning DSP.

Theory Audio Design iw25

On the other hand, large distributed sound systems of large areas are possible on the basis of iw25. To do this, the speaker is equipped with a switchable 70/100 V transformer, which can receive a signal from Theory’s announced 10-channel ALM systems with Dante/AES67 support. In this version, the iw25 can also be used outdoors, if the column is supplemented with an optional all-weather protective grill.

The iw25 is scheduled for release in June. In the US, the iw25 built-in speaker will sell for $850.

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