Soundcore Life P3: three noise canceling modes and six microphones

Soundcore brand announced Life P3 in-ear completely wireless headphones. The novelty inherits the Life P2 model and boasts three noise reduction modes: Transport Mode – the most powerful, followed by Outdoor and Indoor modes. The transparency mode in two versions, on the contrary, will enhance the surrounding sounds. All this works with the help of six built-in microphones.

For its format, Soundcore Life P3 received rather large, 11 mm drivers. The BassUp sound mode is designed to boost low frequencies without affecting the rest of the range. Game Mode will enhance the sound effects of gaming, while Sleep Mode produces white noise that Soundcore believes can help you fall asleep. There is also a “Find headphones” mode – Life P3 beeps loudly to make them easier to find.

Soundcore Life P3

The novelty will work on its own for 7 hours with ANC turned off and 6 hours with ANC turned on. In the charging case, five more of the same portions of energy are stored, and in 10 minutes the Soundcore Life P3 case will gain strength for 12 hours of sound.

The model supports Bluetooth 5.0, its customizable touch controls are complemented by compatibility with the voice assistant Siri. Five sizes of silicone eartips provide long-term comfort, while the durability of the earbuds themselves will increase the IPX5 waterproof rating.

Soundcore Life P3

Life P3 will receive five body colors: black, navy blue, oat white, sky blue and coral red. The first pre-order period for the headphones is slated for the period from June 10 to July 5.

In the US, the Soundcore Life P3 headphones will cost about $120.

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