Creative Sound Blaster X4 Sound Card: Super X-Fi and Advanced Connectivity in improved Design

Creative Technology has unveiled the Sound Blaster X4 external computer audio interface. The new product will replace the popular Sound Blaster X3, which appeared 2 years ago.

In fact, the X4 is an ADC-DAC (in the latter version, bitrates up to 24 bit / 192 kHz are supported), complemented by a headphone amplifier (impedances up to 600 ohms with a signal-to-noise ratio of 114 dB) and a set of proprietary technologies.

Among them, Super X-Fi stands out, designed to emulate the surround sound of multichannel acoustic setups in headphones. Moreover, according to Creative’s assurances, the proprietary Surround Virtualization technology is capable of producing “full-fledged virtual 7.1 surround sound.” For this, the Sound Blaster X4 used Dolby Digital Live encoding.

The SmartComms Kit has made the Sound Blaster X4 a convenient communication tool. The VoiceDetect function will cause the device to emit a speech signal only when the microphone picks up the speaker’s voice – almost no control is needed for such communication.

Two-way noise cancellation NoiseClean-in and NoiseClean-out made communication even more intelligible and comfortable for each of the interlocutors. The CrystalVoice technology will additionally improve the voice (for example, in game chats), and Voice Morph can, on the contrary, change the voice beyond recognition – for example, in the image and likeness of a game character.

You can connect a wide variety of devices to the Sound Blaster X4, from external microphones and headsets to PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and even multichannel speakers. The novelty inherited the control from the previous model – and in an improved design.

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