Sumiko Introduces Celebration 40, Blue Point No. 3 High and Low, and the RS78 needle

Sumiko presented several new products to the judgment of vinyl sound lovers at once. First of all, these are two modifications of the Blue Point No. 3 cartridge, which replaced the well-known Blue Point No. 2.

In Sumiko’s current portfolio, Sumiko Blue Point № 3 Low will be the most affordable moving coil cartridge, and Blue Point № 3 High will be an MC cartridge compatible with any MM phono amplifier (2.5mV output voltage).


The Celebration 40 phono cartridge is nothing more than a modification of the successful reference model Pearwood Celebration II, released in a limited edition to celebrate Sumiko’s 40th anniversary. The novelty has received a Microridge needle, borrowed from the flagship model Palo Santos Presentation. Celebration’s design tradition was continued by the plum wood case.


In addition, Sumiko will have the company’s first 78 rpm needle. The RS78 is compatible with Rainier, Olympia and Moonstone MM cartridges. Lovers of vintage shellac will be able to listen to their records without the damage that conventional 33 rpm stereo disc cartridges can inflict on such discs.


Simultaneously with the release of new products, Sumiko will also discontinue production of several existing models. Besides Blue Point No. 2 on the dropout list are the Blue Point Special EVO III and Blackbird High / Low Output cartridges.

In the US, the price of Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 High or Low is $500, the Celebration 40 Phono is $2,800, and the RS78 Stylus is $130.

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