New Cayin YD01 Fantasy headphones

The full name of these Cayin Fantasy in-ear monitors looks like this: Cayin Fantasy YD01 Single DD In-Ear Monitors IEM Earphone. And if headphones, and even more so dynamic single-driver headphones, belong to the class of in-ear monitors, then you can expect more from them.

Fantasy YD01 received dynamic drivers with beryllium-based sandwich membranes in a double-sided magnetic system. This allegedly increased the accuracy and sensitivity of the model – the latter parameter reached 108 dB, with the frequency range extending from 20 Hz to ultrasonic 40 kHz.

Cayin YD01 Fantasy

The driver is complemented by a pair of resonators formed by a 316L stainless steel housing. The artwork for Cayin Fantasy has been seriously worked on by YD01 – according to Cayin, they “look like jewelry from a fantasy world”.

Cayin YD01 Fantasy

A hybrid cable of four stranded copper conductors OCC and SPC was also included in the overall design. The 130 cm cable is connected to the headphones via two-pin connectors, and to the signal source via a traditional gold-plated 3.5 mm jack.

Cayin YD01 Fantasy

With an impedance of 37 ohms, the Fantasy YD01 is quite democratic in relation to the signal source. They go well in this sense and with low-power smartphones. It is clear that the manufacturer recommended better high-resolution sources for the novelty – for example, from among its own player models.

The European price of in-ear Cayin Fantasy YD01 was 675 euros.

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