The Edifier AirPulse A80 active speakers are now available in a blue finish

Edifier has complemented its AirPulse A80 shelf speakers with a blue “Electric Blue”finish. These speakers are similar in many ways to the A 100, but in a more compact package. For them, the same rated power of the built-in amplifiers is declared — 10 W per channel. It is worked out by a ribbon tweeter in a horn design and a 4.5-inch low-midrange driver with an aluminum diffuser.

The low-frequency sound coil with a diameter of 30 mm is wound with a flat wire. In the development of the driver, the Klippel system was used. The Underhung magnetic circuit uses a large NdFeB alloy magnet-this is claimed to have increased recoil and reduced distortion.

Edifier AirPulse A80 blue

In addition to the analog signal (RCA input), the A80 is ready to accept a digital signal – via optics, coax, or USB (for Windows, you need to download the driver). The system works with digital audio with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. In addition, there is a Bluetooth module on board with support for the fifth version and the Qualcomm aptX codec.

Edifier AirPulse A80 blue

The A80 housings are made of 18 mm MDF, and are muffled from the inside with sheets of acoustic foam with a wave-like surface. The oval aerodynamic port of the phase inverter is brought back. For internal wiring, an American Transparent cable was used.

Edifier AirPulse A80 blue

In the full sense, the right column of the A80 can be considered active — all the electronics are concentrated in it. The signal is transmitted to the left column — separately for the tweeter and the midrange/woofer driver-by a cable with a 5-pin connector. The input signal connectors and the subwoofer output are also located here.

On the back side of the right speaker, a control panel with volume controls for low and high frequencies was placed. The AirPulse A80 is also equipped with a remote control.

Edifier AirPulse A80 blue

In addition, the speakers are equipped with a full set of cables for analog and digital signals. The acoustics can be purchased in two finishes: walnut and blue.

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