Pachanko CAT Constellation SE+: Fully Customized Music Server

When creating the CAT Constellation SE + server, Pachanko, originally a cable company, paid maximum attention to deep customization of the components, minimizing the impact on the signal.

The motherboard was additionally isolated from electromagnetic interference. Also shielded is the 32 GB RAM. The server has an Ultra OCXO crystal oscillator with 24-carat gold tracks with 10ppb frequency stability, as well as an Ultra OCXO USB / SPDIF / BNC / AES / i2S bridge. The jitter value is less than 1 picosecond.

Pachanko CAT Constellation SE+

The BIOS has been completely redesigned for the tasks that the device solves. The server operates under a custom operating system installed on a separate SSD. RAMDisk technology is used for the system and music playback. The server is ready to store and deliver music in PCM 32 bit / 768 kHz and DoP formats, as well as native DSD via USB 3.0. You can control the server using Roon Server or HQPlayer.

Pachanko CAT Constellation SE+

The server has fanless cooling and an all-aluminum chassis. Ultra-low latency is provided by a 10-core 20-thread processor. For the disk on which the system is installed, use the Aphelion SATA cable, for the music disk – Pure Ref. The rest of the cables are from the ATX MK2 series. The SE + version differs from the SE version in the first place in the processor (the SE has an 8-core) and in the amount of memory (32 GB versus 16 GB).

Pachanko CAT Constellation SE+

The server comes with a Masterpiece LPSU in a separate enclosure. From the characteristics of the block, the weight is indicated – 40 kg.

The manufacturer offered several options to choose from. The server can be purchased in black or silver, with a 1TB, 2TB or 4TB music disc, and with a Roon subscription. The basic version of the server will cost 13,990 euro. At the same time, there is a two-year warranty.