Moog has released a special version of the theremin for the machine’s centenary

The Theremin was one of the first electronic instruments and remains relevant to this day, despite the hundred-year history of its existence, which we talked about in our material.

The Moog company, famous for analog synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments, has released a unique limited edition Claravox Centennial for the centenary of the theremin.

The jubilee theremin got its name in honor of Clara Rockmore, who skillfully performed music on this instrument. According to the company, the new product provides “the highest quality sound and control.” The device has two modes of operation: traditional and modern – they can switch between heterodyne analog and digital oscillators.

The signal conditioning circuit is the same as that of the Moog Etherwave Pro theremin. Inputs and outputs are available DIN, MIDI, USB and CV for connection to consoles and control. Moog’s design followed the trends of the beginning of the last century: warm wood, shiny brass, textured light control panel, tripod stand.

Moog has released a special version of the theremin for the machine's centenary

The Theremin is now available for pre-order for $1,500. Deliveries are expected in December.

In addition to the device, Moog created a page with the history of the theremin on the site, and posted several recordings of the instrument playing and interviews with Bob Moog, Clara Rockmore and Lev Theremin on their SoundCloud.