McIntosh released A 7-channel mi347 amplifier in the D-class

The McIntosh MI347 is a 7-channel home theater amplifier. The novelty is designed for use with the MX100 AV processor. Of course, this does not exclude the use of other signal sources as well. Unlike the processor, which received only balanced outputs on XLR connectors, the MI347 has unbalanced RCA inputs in addition to them.

The end amplifiers in MI347 are not equal. They can deliver up to 300 watts of power to the front satellites and a center channel speaker with a 4-ohm impedance, and the limit for the other four channels is one and a half times less. According to the company, the MI347 uses high-tech, digital commutated feedback amplifiers operating in class D.

McIntosh mi347

The technology’s advantages are said to have eliminated noisy cooling fans by limiting the perforation to the top and side walls. Particular attention has been paid to the PSU, McIntosh says, combining sufficient power with cleanliness and precision.

McIntosh mi347

The amplifier was equipped with proprietary protection technologies, including the anti-overload Power Guard designed to save the speakers and the Sentry Monitor saving from a short circuit.

McIntosh mi347

Power Control allows you to match the on and off of the amplifier and other McIntosh components connected to it. The factor that increases the environmental friendliness of the use of new items can be considered an input signal sensor, which can turn the amplifier on and off.

MI347 is housed in a 3U rackmount enclosure. The design immediately suggests that we are McIntosh, and perfectly matches the look of the MX100 processor. Deliveries of both devices will begin in November. Their suggested retail price is the same. For the United States, the amount was $5,000.