Inakustik released AC-4004 Air and AC-1204 Air network cables with air dielectric

Inakustik has replenished its Air line with new products. This time we are talking about AC-4004 Air and AC-1204 Air power cables of the Referenz Selection category, created by the manufacturer specifically for premium high-end models.

The developers explained that the new power cables will be able to provide the components of an audiophile system with a continuous flow of current without any loss, even at the highest peaks. According to Inakustik, cables are not afraid of “extreme peaks” and, accordingly, will not allow disturbances in the flow of energy to negatively affect the sound.

The cables used a proprietary “air” system, when the individual conductors are held at a distance by means of special clamps. Air acts as an insulator to provide low capacitance between conductors. Multicore design compensates for distortion and magnetic fields generated by current peaks. This results in the maximum reduction of the cable inductance.

In addition, according to Inakustik, due to the large number of individual strands, the skin effect is significantly reduced. Also, due to the division into multiple cores, in addition to the overall increase in cross-section, the actual useful cable cross-section is expanded.

The models differ from each other in characteristics: in the older version, 16 enlarged copper conductors are involved, in the younger model – four standard copper conductors. Both models received a galvanized copper braided shield.

In Germany, the cost of the AC-1204 Air power cable starts at 550 euro, and the AC-4004 Air cable is offered at a price of 2,400 euro (the total cost depends on the cable length).