Audiophile struts for Wire On Wire Vibe cables were proposed to be used to improve the parameters of vinyl players

Last fall, Wire On Wire introduced the Vibe audiophile anti-vibration struts. These spacers were originally designed for proprietary adaptive geometry cables, but have now been found to work with LP players as well. More precisely, for tonearms.

Recall that to create Vibe mini-struts, the manufacturer used a material that converts vibrations into thermal energy. Wire On Wire engineers have concluded that spacers can be used to improve cartridge / arm performance. It was proposed to install an anti-vibration spacer, for example, on top of the shell.

Wire On Wire Vibe

If the cartridge does not allow this, then the spacer can be fixed “in any other place” (on the counterweight, in the area of ​​the rotation mechanism, etc.) To prevent the mini damper from falling on the record, it can be glued, having decided on the optimal location. The manufacturer did not give precise recommendations, so the audiophile himself will be able to decide where it is better to attach the Vibe brace. This should probably be done “by ear”.

It should be noted that one or more spacers can be used to adjust the downforce (weight of one spacer with a sleeve is 0.8 g, without a sleeve is 0.6 g).

Wire On Wire Vibe

Chris Bell of Wire On Wire explained that their invention is so versatile that it can positively affect not only the cable, but also the turntable. According to Chris, a spacer with a center hub (on the tonearm) will make the soundstage “clearer,” while without the hub we will get a “tighter imagery without spatial accents.”

In the UK market, a set of 14 Vibe struts will cost £32.

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