Wire On Wire Introduces Vibe Audiophile Spacers for Adaptive Geometry Cables

The British firm Wire On Wire, which introduced the unusual Experience880 Studio / Stage interconnect cables two years ago, came up with a new product – the audiophile Vibe cable spacers.

It is said that a set of such spacers may be needed by those who want to “remove vibrational energy and tune the sound of the cable”. The manufacturer assumes that the spacers will be used with Experience cables, and these cables have an adaptive geometry. Accordingly, the Vibe struts will simplify the adaptation process.

Wire On Wire Vibe Spacers for Adaptive Geometry Cables

According to Wire On Wire, the Vibe uses a special material that converts vibration into thermal energy.

The manufacturer positions the Vibe struts as the correct branded tuning for their cables. Frequent cable changeover lovers don’t even have to buy anything: With the Vibe struts, Experience cables are meant to sound in a new way – many combinations are available.

In England, a set of 12 Vibe struts cost £32.