Tektron announces Vacuum Tube Phono Stage MM – TK One Phono with ECC83 triodes

The Italian company Tektron, which is famous for its orthodox approach to the creation of its tube models, has presented the TK One Phono – phono stage. The novelty is designed only for MM cartridges.

At the same time, unlike many analogs, no settings or switches are provided in TK One Phono. The rear panel has one RCA input, one RCA output and a ground terminal. On the front – only a toggle switch and a power indicator.

Tektron TK One Phono

The TK One Phono case received a perforated top cover: ventilation for such devices is a fundamental point. The phono stage is powered by two miniature ECC83 low-frequency triodes. In the original version, these lamps, created in the USA in 1948, were called 12AX7. Apparently, the TK One Phono has an improved European version, which has been produced since 1952.

ECC83 lamps have gone through many modifications: which one is used in the Tektron TK One Phono is not disclosed. But the company announced the use of NOS – rare and always carefully selected lamps.

Tektron TK One Phono

There are no printed circuit boards in the design of the 30-cm device: the novelty is assembled by surface mounting. The range of reproduced frequencies: 10-60,000 Hz. Gain – 40 dB. The metal body is complemented by wooden sides, which can be made of different types of wood and in different finishes.

Tektron has not yet announced the cost of TK One Phono.

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