The Brinkmann Audio RöNt III lamp power supply received a bz34 rectifier lamp simulator

The German company Brinkmann Audio has introduced the third version of the rönt III tube power supply for Brinkmann vinyl players. The first RöNt was developed as a result of experiments by Helmut Brinkmann back in 1995.

12 years later, the company began installing custom Sinus motors in Brinkmann players, which required more current than previous Pabst. This required the creation of a more powerful RöNt II with an unbalanced class a circuit. In addition to the two HIGH-current pl36 pentodes, the 5ar4/GZ34 two-half-period rectifier worked in this scheme. But these lamps soon became scarce.

Brinkmann Audio RöNt III

As a result, Helmut Brinkmann developed a “rectifier lamp Simulator” — a compact Assembly with a 5ar4/GZ34 cap. This part was named BZ34-in honor of the nos Mullard gz34 lamp, optimal for RöNt, but too rare in our time. The company stated that the BZ34 accurately mimics all the parameters of the gz34 NOS Mullard lamp, but is spared from its shortcomings and does not wear out over time.

In addition to the BZ34, there are other changes in the RöNt III power supply unit — in particular, the high-voltage path has been redesigned. The manufacturer emphasized that the new product is 100% compatible with all Brinkmann vinyl disc players.

The cost of Brinkmann RöNt III has not yet been announced. The previous version of the power supply in the UK costs about 2,750 pounds.

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