Vicoustic has released VMT acoustic panels with a natural wood texture

The VMT acoustic panels of the Portuguese company Vicoustic were supplemented with samples that are almost indistinguishable from the textures of natural wood. VMT (Virtual Material Technology) technology allows you to simulate the texture of almost any material on synthetic panels.

The panels themselves are made of artificial non-woven VicPET Wool fiber. We have already talked about this eco — friendly technology, which uses 65% recycled plastic-in particular, difficult to decompose in natural conditions PET. It produces acoustic panels with the specified sound absorption characteristics at medium and high frequencies.

Vicoustic acoustic panels

Natural wood finishes for VMT natural Wood acoustic panels include textures of almond oak, black Laurel, ebony, oak and many other types of veneer. Director of Vicoustic Cesar Carapinha (Cesar Carapinha) himself selected samples of veneer, the production of which is famous in Portugal.

Vicoustic acoustic panels

In addition to the ready-made ones, the company is also ready to produce custom textures of wooden surfaces in its acoustic panels. Image transfer technology involves scanning real samples, which are first treated with a special varnish. Natural veneer surfaces can be obtained in Vicoustic products such as Flat Panel VMT, ViCloud VMT Flat, ViCloud VMT 3D and Vixagon VMT.

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