Pitt&Giblin showed the active acoustics Superwax Mini with Hypex nCore amplification and a bronze tweeter waveguide

Active two-way speakers from Australian company Pitt & Giblin called Superwax Mini drew attention to themselves with a golden horn at the top. The Australians ordered this detail of their own design in neighboring Tasmania.

The waveguide is cast from bronze – as they say, forever. It clearly matches the parameters of an inch compression driver with a titanium diaphragm and forms a slightly horizontally stretched radiation pattern.

Pitt&Giblin Superwax Mini

A 15-inch speaker is responsible for the lower part of the audible range (up to 35 Hz in the extended version). It is a combination of a classic paper cone, a die-cast basket and a neodymium magnet system, which has increased its sensitivity. They did not cover all this with grills – they are not included in the kit.

The Victorian Blackbutt birch plywood veneer cabinet is more squat than the traditional floor-standing “towers” of recent years. He received a round bass reflex port on the rear wall and a base that slightly tilts the body back.

The body parts are processed on CNC machines and finished by hand. Inside – a complex system of struts for impeccable rigidity. The cabinet is also designed to last a lifetime, according to the manufacturer.

Pitt&Giblin Superwax Mini

Inside the Superwax Mini cases, there is also room for the built-in DACs in conjunction with Hypex NCore amplifiers with a power of up to 120 W per speaker. The signal of the system is received in analog form – on XLR- or RCA-connectors, or in digital – for this, AES3, S / PDIF, coaxial and Toslink inputs are provided.

Thus, Superwax Mini acoustics are ready to work from almost any source of digital or analog signal. To turn a pair of speakers into a single whole, the Passthrough I / O comes in handy, equipped with the same set of digital connectors. A wireless remote control is provided for easy control.

Pitt&Giblin Superwax Mini speakers will cost AU $13,500 per pair (around 10,400 US Dollars).

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