Dan Clark Audio unveils Aeon 2 headphones

Formerly known as MrSpeakers, the Californian-based headphone manufacturer has recently undergone a rebrand to become Dan Clark Audio. In the process it has announced the next phase of its planar-magnetic headphone design with the introduction of its new Aeon 2 models. As with the company’s previous Aeon designs – reviewed in the form of the Aeon Flow Open headphone back in issue 435 – the updated models are also available with a choice of open or closed back.

Featuring an all-new motor assembly directly derived from the company’s flagship Ether 2 (reviewed HFC 456) they’re said to use the same high-precision machined system to improve internal airflow with new voicing claimed to produce a warmer, fuller tone in the closed model and a leaner lower midrange in the open-back version. Claiming a larger soundstage presentation in both designs, superior driver damping is said to augment resolution and dynamics to deliver a smoother frequency response.

While the original Aeon was designed as a full-size headphone primarily for home listening, the updated Aeon 2 incorporates a sophisticated folding gimbal system to aid portability and also helps to improve the clamping, fit, feel and structural integrity of the entire headset. Unlike most folding designs that invert the earcups and tilt them towards the headband, the Aeon 2’s joints allow the headband to collapse on the top of the earcups to take up half the space of the original.Weighing in at 327g (without cable), the Aeon 2 comes in dark-red and its leather headband and earpads are said to be soft and comfortable. It’s a lighter and more rigid design than the original Aeon and comes supplied with a custom-designed compact carry case. Both versions of Aeon 2 are on sale now priced £900 each and distributed in the UK by Electromod. You can find out more about the open and closed-back Aeon 2 here.

Source: https://www.hifichoice.com/

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