Shunyata Research Omega digital cables: TAP/CMODE hybrid module in matched impedance

The American company Shunyata Research has released a complete set of digital cables of the premium Omega series. These products are considered by the company to be top-level reference products. They use all the more than 20 years of experience of Shunyata developers, obtained under the guidance of chief designer caelin Gabriel.

New products were released after the successful models of power cables Omega XC and Omega QR. We talked about the last one a year ago. Omega Digital cables are said to be manufactured in geometries with precisely matched impedance.

Shunyata Research Omega

In other words, in these models, the dimensions of all components are maintained as accurately as possible: the conductor, the dielectric, and the braided screen. To do this, the speed of the equipment is reduced by four times. The result is a drastic reduction in cable-induced ripples.

Shunyata Research Omega

For the most accurate signal transmission, Omega Digital Cables uses a hybrid TAP/CMODE module. It combines the TAP polarizer, which is responsible for reducing electromagnetic polarization distortion, and the CMODE filter, which reduces common-mode noise. According to the developers, the combination of these technologies gives the signal ” analog lightness and noticeable background silence”.

Shunyata Research Omega

Omega series digital cables are already available on the company’s website. Clock coaxial cables in the 50 or 75 Ohm version cost us $3,000, as does the Omega s/PDIF cable. AES/EBU and USB cables will cost $3,250, while an Omega Ethernet patch cord will cost $2,500.

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