Loxone acquires Quadral to develop sound quality automation systems

Austrian company Loxone has announced that it will complete the acquisition of quadral GmbH & Co. in early 2021. KG, which produces acoustics under the Quadral brand. According to Loxone representatives, the corporate structure of Quadral will not change much after the purchase, and the purpose of the purchase is to improve the positions and competencies of both companies in the audio market.

Loxone products are automation systems and solutions for creating a “smart home”. The company itself, founded in 2008, considers itself a pioneer in the industry and offers automated solutions for a wide range of tasks – both on commercial sites and at home. The peculiarity of Loxone solutions lies in their modular design, thanks to which the systems can be used in existing installations and implemented from scratch.

Loxone acquires Quadral to develop sound quality automation systems

Loxone took up the topic of sound thoroughly: a couple of months ago, the company released an audio server for multi-room systems under its brand. Therefore, buying an audio brand looks logical. “In the future, we will be able to offer a sophisticated and intelligent building automation system with better sound – all in one,” said Thomas Moser, founder of Loxone.

The history of Quadral goes back almost half a century. The company is primarily known for acoustics, but it also produces a series of electronic devices, and is one of the rare brands that continue to produce at least part of the components in Germany. For example, ribbon tweeters for the Aurum series are manufactured at the factory in Hanover.

According to Loxone, Quadral will continue to operate as an independent company – employees should not feel any changes. Also, there will be no changes in distribution. Loxone plans to focus on integrating the technologies of the two companies into a single solution.