Trinnov Amplitude16 Amplifier: Tascam DB25 commutation and Future Dante Support

The Amplitude16 power amplifier will appear among Trinnov Audio products. The novelty will be shown at the Paris show from October 21 to 24. The amplifier was co-engineered with ICEpower according to Trinnov specifications.

In fact, these are two 8-channel D-class amplifiers in a common 3RU chassis. There are also two power inputs – 15A each. High energy efficiency of the novelty was especially emphasized.

Trinnov Amplitude16 Amplifier

The Amplitude16 16-channel power amplifier is ready to deliver 200 watts of nominal power per channel into 8 ohm speakers and 400 watts/channel into 4 ohms. Bridge mode is also possible – then it becomes possible to get up to 800W/channel at 8 ohms and more than 1,000W/channel at 4 ohms. This will optimize the signal for front satellites, for example.

The Amplitude16 is primarily designed to work with Trinnov Altitude AV processors. Its input sensitivity is matched to their output level, which further improves the signal-to-noise ratio.

Trinnov Amplitude16 Amplifier

In this case, the amplifier receives a balanced input signal from the processor through double Tascam connectors with a DB25 pinout. A pair of these connectors eliminated the need for 16 separate XLR connectors that would have been difficult to fit on the back of the Amplitude16. In addition, an optional Dante/AES67 input module is promised for the amplifier.

On the front panel of the Amplitude16 there is an LED indicator that displays the status of each of the 16 amplifier channels. Trigger inputs and outputs can be used to turn the system on and off. The start of deliveries of Amplitude16 is scheduled for the end of 2021. An optional Dante/AES67 input board is coming in 2022.

The price of the Trinnov Audio Amplitude16 power amplifier has yet to be announced.

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