V-Moda Hexamove wireless earbuds series with optional neck cord holder

V-Moda Hexamove earbuds does not require a wired connection to the source, and also does not need a wire that connects the earbuds themselves. Nevertheless, there is such a cord in the kit (only for the Pro version), but it is needed not for signal transmission, but for convenience: as planned by the company, the wire will come in handy to hang the earphones around your neck when not in use. Of course, this option contradicts the TWS concept itself, but it makes sense.

To date, the Hexamove series includes two models: Pro and Lite. Both received small 6mm speakers, but the manufacturer said the headphones will be able to deliver quality sound. You can adjust the sound character in the mobile app.

V-Moda Hexamove wireless earbuds series

V-Moda Hexamove Pro version is equipped with interchangeable earbuds in three sizes, earhooks, interchangeable decorative overlays (like the full-size V-Moda earphones) and thus a neck cord. The V-Moda Hexamove are IPX5 protected, so they are not afraid of moisture, but they are afraid of immersion in water. The built-in rechargeable batteries should last for 6 hours. The charging case will give you another 18 hours.

V-Moda Hexamove Lite version is not equipped with replaceable pads (they can be purchased separately), but it is initially offered in different colors: black, red, white. The earbuds also come with different sizes of earpads. The battery is no different from the Pro version. Access to the app with settings is also available.

V-Moda Hexamove wireless earbuds series

In the US, both versions of V-Moda Hexamove have already appeared on sale: Lite version costs $130, Pro version – $170.

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