Wilson Audio partially revealed the new Alexx V acoustics

Wilson Audio has released several promotional images related to the new Alexx V speaker, which is scheduled for release on March 29.

As our Western colleagues have already noticed, the design of the new system is similar to the company’s flagship speaker — WAMM Master Chronosonic. However, it is clear that the basis for the Alexx V was already produced by the model with the same name.

Wilson Audio Alexx V

There are no details yet, but representatives of the company noted that the Alexx V speakers were created taking into account the experience and the latest technologies and research that Wilson Audio has conducted over the past 5 years (the Alexx series of speakers was launched in 2016).

According to unconfirmed information, the new model was only an inch deeper and higher. At the same time, it is claimed, the engineers managed to “significantly improve performance”.

Wilson Audio Alexx V

According to rumors, the cost of new acoustics in the UK can be £139,000.

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