Divine Acoustics Bellatrix: Scan-Speak Illuminator Tweeters and ETON Orchestra Drivers in a Multi-Layer Cabinet

The Polish company Divine Acoustics has presented the Bellatrix 2.5-way floor standing speakers. This is a 2.5-way system based on a Scan-Speak Illuminator tweeter and a pair of ETON Orchestra 7-inch mid / woofers. The set of emitters has been supplemented by Divine Acoustics specialists with a variety of proprietary technologies.

CRCdesign’s multi-layered steel-reinforced cabinet provides total volume for the woofers and midrange drivers. They were complemented by a TQWT multi-chamber bass reflex system with an exit to the bottom wall.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix

The tweeter has got its own damping chamber and a separate CeraGem anti-vibration system. It is a set of damping layers, similar to Kepler mounts, that absorb vibration from the entire body.

The legs are mounted on a steel plate integrated into the base of the cabinet. The casing is sealed from the inside with mineral fiber mats.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix

The first-order crossover installed at Bellatrix was called the most sophisticated and advanced part of the speakers by the company. It was built using SGP, ESM and RFpath technologies and is assembled in its own 51-piece case in a point-to-point topology.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix

Among the capacitors of the circuit: copper Miflex KFPM-1, aluminum Jantzen Audio Alumen, foil Miflex MKP-10, Jantzen Audio Z-Superior and Z-Standard capacitors.

Plated non-inductive resistors and precision carbon resistors in correction circuits are supplemented with cotton-insulated oxygen-free copper coils.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix

With a sensitivity of 88 dB, the speakers are ready to drive an amplifier up to 150 W, providing a low frequency limit of 35 Hz. The manufacturer sets aside 48 hours for the acoustics and amplifier to run in, and 500 hours for the crossover to warm up.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix

The Bellatrix is available in three finishes: matt Mocca and Smoke, as well as a glossy Snakewood with 10 lacquer coats. In this design, the speakers will be released in a limited edition – only 10 pairs.

Divine Acoustics Bellatrix pricing has yet to be announced.

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