Pylon SA Jasper Monitor 18: two-way rack systems on the Scan-Speak speakers

Jasper Monitor 18 – shelf-rack acoustics of the Polish company Pylon SA. The manufacturer is focused not only on acoustics, but also on furniture for equipment. In the Jasper Monitor 18 systems, he used the speakers of the Danish company Scan-Speak.

This is a two-way system. The 18-cm 4531G01 “Revelator” speaker is responsible for the range of low and mid frequencies in it. The D2608 tweeter has a diaphragm weighing only 0.18 g. The speakers handle up to 160 W at a sensitivity of 88 dB and are ready, according to the manufacturer, to sound a room of approximately 30 m².

Pylon SA Jasper Monitor 18

The rack-mounts received beveled housings, the inclination of the front wall of which is designed to compensate for the phase lag. Curved inner surfaces should exclude the formation of internal standing waves. The backward-facing bass reflex port will not be a problem due to the same tilt of the body – especially in the rack-mount version.

Pylon SA Jasper Monitor 18

Pylon SA Jasper Monitor 18 are available in matt or glossy finish in white or black. Individual finishing options are also possible – upon agreement with the customer, Pylon SA will offer any colors from the RAL palette.

The cost of the Pylon SA Jasper Monitor 18 acoustics in Poland is PLN 10,000, which is about $2,250.

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