Soundgil Haydn speakers: beryllium horn tweeter and 16” woofer

Soundgil’s two-way Haydn speakers combine two technologies: horn and bass reflex. The manufacturer assigned the resulting system to the High End class. If you do not take into account the price, then the declared parameters – sensitivity of 99 dB and unevenness of ± 3 dB in the entire audible range – will probably allow us to agree with this.

A 16-inch woofer works in a Haydn bass-reflex cabinet made of birch plywood. It is equipped with a cellulose composite cone and a titanium voice coil wound with silver-plated OFC copper wire. According to Soundgil, the lightweight synthetic rubber external surround provides a good balance of linearity and mobility, and the speaker is said to be “ready to handle the massive power” – each Haydn speaker is ready to handle up to 300 watts into its 8 ohms.

Soundgil Haydn speakers

A 6-inch beryllium mid-tweeter is installed in a complex horn. This part is made on CNC machines from the same Finnish birch plywood and provides a 90 ° horizontal and 30 ° vertical coverage. The horn is secured to the inclined top panel of the woofer with heavy-duty aluminum brackets.

Soundgil Haydn speakers

The cost of a pair of 80kg Soundgil Haydn speakers on the manufacturer’s website was $26,000.

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