iFi Audio has released an audiophile power adapter iPower Elite with a noise of 1 MV

IPower Elite is the flagship power supply from the English company iFi Audio. It was released to replace the standard power adapters, which iFi responded quite critically.

The company cited data on its website that even an audiophile linear power supply produces up to 100 µV of noise, while a conventional power supply produces all 1,000 µV. But IPower Elite showed only 1 mv of noise. With this module, iFi promised real silence in the pauses, better dynamics, harder bass and a more open sound.

The IPower Elite uses the second-generation active noise reduction technology. The first generation can be considered the IPower X model, which appeared almost a year ago. According to the manufacturer, the improved active noise reduction system is based on military technologies and resembles headphones with ANC in principle.

iFi Audio iPower Elite

The circuit on the field-effect transistors generates a signal identical to the incoming electrical noise, but in the opposite phase. This principle works well at low and medium frequencies. Passive isolation filters work against high-frequency interference.

The audiophile-level components are located inside the device. Moreover, IPower Elite is ready for long-term round-the-clock use. It is claimed that the body made of aviation aluminum, in addition to strength, also perfectly removes heat. The IPower Elite is available in 5V/5A, 12V/4A, 15V/3.5 A, and 24V/2.5 A. Possible input voltages are 100V/60 Hz or 240V / 50 Hz.

In Europe, iFi Audio IPower Elite will cost 350 euros.

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