Ortofon has joined Phonocut in working on a home vinyl recorder

The Austrian project Phonocut is almost ready to introduce a high-quality machine on the market, where everyone will be able to cut vinyl records at home. We have already talked about this device, which was originally presented on Kickstarter.

The level of development is evidenced by the fact that the project was joined by the chief Director of acoustics and research of the company Ortofon Leif Johannsen (Leif Johannsen). He intends to participate in the final tuning of the recorder, the first generation of which should go on sale this year.

Here you can listen to the track from the legendary RCA disc “Living Stereo — The Royal Ballet”, recorded from a digital file on Phonocut and then digitized by Johannsen. Work on the final design of the device continues.

The planned cost of Phonocut in the United States will be $ 3,300, and one blank disk for recording will cost $10.

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