FiiO FA9: headphones with 6 Knowless BA drivers per ear

FiiO continued to develop its line of in-ear headphones and introduced the FA9 model. According to the press release, each of the headphones has six armature driver from Knowles: swfk-31736 is responsible for high frequencies, EJ-33877 is responsible for medium frequencies, created in collaboration with FiiO, and HODVTEC — 31618 is used for low frequencies. The headphones have a four-way crossover.

The model received a body printed on a 3D printer with maximum accuracy. The case has a long sound guide tube (80.6 mm), which acts as a low-pass filter, provides a clear sound and seamless integration of drivers with each other. Headphones play from 15Hz to 40kHz.

Headphones have there physical switches that allow you to adjust the sound to your taste. The first switch regulates the headphone resistance and sensitivity (from 16 to 32Ohms and from 110 to 113dB, respectively), the second — high frequencies, and the third — low.

The FA9 sources are connected with a proprietary 8-wire monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable with MMCX connectors. The complete set is solid: along with the headphones and cable, it includes 15 pairs of ear pads, two cases (soft textile and hard artificial leather), a brush for cleaning and a clothespin for attaching the cable to clothing.