Ocean Way Audio Pro3 “Fat Boy”: Aluminum Woofers in a High Definition System

Allen Sides multiple Grammy-winning company, Ocean Way Audio, has announced the Pro3 near-field monitors. It is already known that these are the most budgetary Ocean Way monitors – in addition, they received the nickname Fat Boy. “Pro3 is an invaluable tool for those who are looking for a clear and truthful display of their mix,” – this is how Allen Sides himself appreciated the new product.

Ocean Way Audio Pro3

His words are backed up by the parameters: the difference in the sound of a pair of Pro3 is no more than 0.5 dB, and this is in the operating range with a lower limit of 45 Hz, obtained from a woofer with a 7-inch aluminum cone. An inch dome tweeter is responsible for the high-frequency range. The maximum power for these two bands was 125 and 90 watts, respectively, and on this a pair of Fat Boy will deliver 110 dB SPL.

Ocean Way highlighted the high resolution of the novelty, due, among other things, to the verified characteristics of the bass reflex enclosure. The port is located on the rear panel. Also, near-field monitors Ocean Way Audio Pro3 are equipped with a serious overload protection system. They can receive the signal on digital inputs AES-3 and balanced analog XLR.

Ocean Way Audio Pro3

In the US, the Ocean Way Audio Pro3 near-field monitors are already on sale – they cost about $3,000 per pair.

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