Chord Electronics 2yu digital interface appeared on the market

Chord Electronics announced the release of the 2yu digital interface for the 2go streamer/server last year, but global deliveries have just started. Paired with 2go is Chord’s first network bridge – it can be connected to any DAC or digital upscaler Hugo M Scaler.

The assembly from 2yu with 2go is ready to work on both Ethernet and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz only), and Bluetooth is also present. All popular streaming services are supported: Qobuz, Tidal, internet radio. There is Roon Ready certification.

Chord Electronics 2yu

Two slots for SD cards in 2go (the maximum capacity of one card is up to 2 TB) turns it into a server. The 2yu itself, connected to the 2go, adds digital connectors: optics, coaxial and BNC at 50 and 75 ohms, as well as USB A.

The bundle receives updates over the network – now it comes with the latest software version 1.5.0, which improved listening to the radio and added album playback from memory cards. A set of 2go and 2yu is configured by the Gofigure application, which has also recently been updated. One of the popular UPnP applications can be used for control.

Chord Electronics 2yu

The bundle reproduces files with bit-precision, uses DoP, supports AirPlay and is characterized by low jitter. The 2yu interface is made in the Chord style: it has an aluminum body and glowing spherical buttons. It is made in the UK.

At home, Chord Electronics 2yu will cost £449, and 2go, without which it makes no sense, costs £995.

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