Vertere Acoustics Saber MM: New Moving Magnet Cartridge

British company Vertere Acoustics has introduced a new moving magnet (MM) cartridge called the Saber. The novelty is handcrafted in strict accordance with the standards set by Vertere Acoustics for its products.

Vertere Acoustics Saber MM

The head is enclosed in an aluminum case and weighs 10.3 g. In the Saber model, the manufacturer used an Alnico magnet, which has a record indicator of the ratio of magnetic field strength to its size. A 7.5 x 15.5 µm elliptical diamond needle attached to an aluminum tube cantilever.

Vertere Acoustics Saber MM

The Saber frequency range extends from 15 Hz to 25 kHz, which, when combined with a nominal output voltage of 4.0 mV, creates a “lifelike soundscape with wide dynamic range, scale and incredible detail.” The recommended load capacitance is 100-200 pF, and the channel separation of the novelty is at least 22 dB. The pressure recommended by the manufacturer is 2.0 g.

The Vertere Acoustics Saber MM cartridge is available now for £845 / €1,448.

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