PMC twenty5i – new line of acoustics

A new series of PMC twenty5i speakers is being prepared for release.

At the exhibition in Bristol (21-23 February), PMC (Professional Monitor Company) for the first time in the world announced plans to update its basic series of speakers — Twenty5. Having received numerous prizes and awards from the world press, the Twenty5 series enjoyed well-deserved popularity and, in General, did not require significant changes in the design. The new series therefore almost kept the name (Twenty5i), adding only the index i (improved, improved).

The key change was the replacement of the high-frequency head with a new PMC development, first tested in the fact series. The new dome high-frequency speaker has a wider and more even radiation direction and covers a wider range of vocal frequencies, since the 19 mm diameter dome has a wider than usual suspension (34 mm diameter). This has also led to changes in the separation filters: the frequency of band separation in two-lane models is reduced from 1800 to 1700 Hz. In floor models, the base plate design has been replaced, which now uses vibration absorbers.

The update will not affect the dimensions or materials of the cases, but their finishing options will change slightly, as well as the appearance of the aluminum plate on the back panel, to which the separation filters are attached inside, and the input terminals are attached outside. The list of standard finishes is now as follows: walnut or oak veneer, Matt white lacquer. Luxury-finish for an additional fee — shiny black lacquer.

In home theater systems, the twenty5i series, which includes the Central channel speaker twenty5i C, is still supplemented by the active subwoofer Twenty5 sub, whose design has not changed.

The new PMC twenty.5i series is still being prepared for production.