Acoustic Signature TA-7000 Neo tonearm: carbon, stainless steel, brass and 4N silver

The Acoustic Signature TA-7000 Neo tonearm is available in two lengths – 9 and 12 inches. According to the company, it is designed to work with the best cartridges and turntables – in particular, the Acoustic Signature Neo models, which we recently reported.

To reduce resonance without sacrificing stiffness, the TA-7000 Neo is fitted with internally damped variable section carbon tube. The mechanism is equipped with preloaded bearings with the minimum possible backlash – they were borrowed from space instrumentation.

Acoustic Signature TA-7000 Neo

The axis of the tonearm this time is made of stainless steel, the mechanism is complemented by a brass counterweight. According to the developers, all this made it possible to obtain optimal tracking parameters.

The TA-7000 Neo tonearm has VTA and azimuth adjustments, a cartridge balance range of 4-16g. Internal wiring is in pure 4N silver, and an external 1.5m Audioquest 5-pin phono cable with RCA or XLR connectors is included.

Acoustic Signature TA-7000 Neo

In terms of design, the TA-7000 Neo is available in black or silver finishes. Also available in 24-carat gold plating. The novelty, according to Acoustic Signature, is designed and manufactured in Germany.

The price of the Acoustic Signature TA-7000 Neo tonearm has not yet been announced.