Block Audio introduced a Dog Block surge protector with C-Lock sockets

Czech company Block Audio continued to develop a line of branded equipment and accessories for proper audiophile nutrition. We have already written about the Lock Block socket for high-end systems and about the C-LOCK power connector locks. This time we will talk about a full-fledged Dog Block surge protector, created on the basis of previous products.

As explained in the company, Dog Block is needed to clean up the power supply, which often deteriorates due to the use of numerous household appliances connected to the network. And it’s not just about one single household, but about the power supply as a whole. Good, stable power grids are now scarce, according to Block Audio. The developers also noted that it is impossible to “hear” the sound of the network, but in general, various interference negatively affects the audio signal and spoils the impression of music perception.

Block Audio Dog Block

Dog Block has several tasks: high-quality connection, mechanical stability, vibration elimination, protection of components from interference.

Among the key features, the company highlighted the presence of branded C-LOCK clamps. They are used on all eight sockets (four of them are for sources, DACs, preamplifiers, the rest are for power amplifiers and power supplies). Output current of sockets – 20 A.

Block Audio Dog Block

Block Audio also noted the quality materials from which the Dog Block is made, adjustable spike feet, an aluminum case and a voltage monitor on the front panel. The whole filter was 8.5 kg.

In the US market, the device was offered at a price of $3,500.