T+A introduced the Caruso R amp player and the Caruso S 10 and R 10 speakers

The manufacturer positions the new Caruso R as a receiver, however, in fact, the model is a high-end turntable amplifier. According to T+A, the device is designed for those who want classic stereo with modern features and enhanced connectivity.

Jörg Küpper, head of new projects at T+A, explained that the Caruso R is the “blood brother of Caruso” (the microsystem we tested), but at the same time the new model turned out to be an “independent product”.

T+A Caruso R amp player and the Caruso S 10 and R 10 speakers

The heart of the Caruso R user interface is the large screen on the front. All functions can be controlled via the display. The company also provided an application for Android and iOS. There is also a remote control. The manufacturer paid special attention to the display and control – this has become one of the main “proprietary” features.

Technically speaking, the Caruso R is ready for almost any music from any source. There are analog and digital inputs on board, including optics, coaxial connector, LAN and USB. There are built-in FM and DAB tuners, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also in Caruso R there is support for Airplay 2.

T+A Caruso R amp player and the Caruso S 10 and R 10 speakers

You can play music both from your home network source device and through online services like Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz. If the network capabilities are not enough, the device also has a CD slot. The emphasis was also placed on the embedded Streaming Client software, which gives direct access to Amazon Music HD and Spotify.

Among other things, the device received smart functionality based on Amazon Alexa: according to the creators of the system, the user will be able to use the Caruso R as a “control center” for a smart home.

T+A Caruso R amp player and the Caruso S 10 and R 10 speakers

To make the Caruso R project complete, T + A also released the Caruso S 10 and R 10 speakers. The company envisions them as “the perfect complement”. The user himself will be able to choose the desired model depending on the room and needs: R 10 shelf units (120 W, from 40 Hz to 30 kHz, one 152 mm woofer) or S 10 floor speakers (180 W, 33 Hz – 30 kHz, two 152 mm woofers each) mm).

Both speakers are said to be the “right” continuation of the Caruso R, both in terms of technical parameters and in terms of style. The company promised powerful lows, crystal mids and bright highs. Despite the compactness of the speakers, the soundstage should surprise even the sophisticated listener.

The start of sales of new products in Europe is scheduled for March 29. The Caruso R system itself will cost 2,700 euros, the R 10 shelf stands at 1,150 euros, and the S 10 floor stands at 2,250 euros.

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