Owners of network players and DACs Simaudio Moon will be able to purchase the Apple AirPlay 2 module

Simaudio announced the readiness of its streaming Moon models to work with Apple AirPlay 2. In addition to the proprietary Mind application, it will be possible to use, for example, the voice assistant Siri. With Apple AirPlay 2, Moon model owners will be able to play music on them from any iOS device.

In total, six Moon models are ready to install Apple AirPlay 2: the MiND 2 network player, the 390 network player-preamplifier, 280D, 680D, 780D v2 streaming DACs, and, finally, the ACE music system. As for the procedure for installing Apple AirPlay 2 on these devices, then one flashing is not enough here – you need to install an additional module. To do this, device owners were asked to contact their local dealer.

In the UK, the AirPlay 2 update for compatible Moon models will cost £265.

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