Avant-garde ambient classic Harold Budd has died

Harold Budd, the iconic minimalist composer of a” soft ” style in avant-garde ambient, has died at the age of 84. On his page in social networks, there was confirmation that the cause of death was complications after COVID-19.

Budd’s name stands alongside the names of musicians such as Robin Guthrie, Brian Eno, Andy Partridge, and Akira Rabelais, with whom he has collaborated. Harold Budd was born in Los Angeles. My passion for music started with playing the drums. In College, he took a course in music theory.

In the army, the future composer played in a band with Albert Ayler, then studied with composer Gerald Strang at San Fernando valley State College, and received a master’s degree from the University of southern California.

Budd’s first recorded work, the Oak Of the Golden Dreams, was released in 1970. After that, he worked, releasing one album every few years. His new album, co-written with Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, was released recently.

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