The songs written by Metallica in quarantine should be enough for a new album

Metallica vocalist James Hetfield spoke about the quarantine days, which, as it turned out, all the band members spent with benefit. Hatfield said there were “more than 10 songs” written in quarantine.

As the musician explained, initially everything was not very serious: rare calls via Zoom and attempts to “write something”. Hatfield was the initiator. Some time later, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett picked up James’ enthusiasm. As a result, Zoom sessions turned into remote rehearsals, recording new material and creating alternative versions of existing tracks.

Recording via Zoom was difficult at times, according to Metallica members. Ulrich noted that telecommuting is not an easy task for a rock band, but there is a lot of material for the new album.

Despite the above, there have been no announcements yet. At the same time, rumors about an upcoming new “pandemic” album by Metallica have been circulating since last year.

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