AC/DC confirmed the release of new album “Power Up” in November and released the single “Shot in the Dark”

Rock veterans AC / DC have confirmed the rumors circulating on the net – the new album will be, and it will be called “Power Up”. To make things look more convincing, the group released the single “Shot in the Dark”. The entire album will be released on November 13th.

The single “Shot in the Dark”, who would doubt it, is sustained from beginning to end in the corporate style of AC / DC. “The title of the song came out a little cocky, but who doesn’t like having a little drink in the evening or knocking over a couple of shots in the dark,” said Angus Young. “I was very happy when the record company realized that this track was strong and it should be the single that people will hear first.”

It is already known that the album will include 12 tracks recorded by the following line-up: Brian Johnson (vocals), Phil Rood (drums), Cliff Williams (bass), Angus Young (guitar), Stevie Young (guitar). Also, when creating the album, riffs were used that Malcolm Young invented during his lifetime.

The pre-order is already open. For a regular CD, the band’s official online store was asked for $ 12. The vinyl edition will cost $ 35. For a special CD-edition with bonuses, you will have to pay about $ 50.