SPL unveils Phonitor One and Phonitor One D compact headphone amplifiers

German company SPL has launched a new line of compact desktop devices at affordable prices – Series One. All Series One devices are marketed as versatile products for professional and home use. According to the manufacturer, the new items are assembled according to the same standards as the older SPL models. To date, the new series already includes two headphone amplifiers: Phonitor One and Phonitor One D.

SPL Phonitor One Phonitor One D

Among the main features of the new products, the company singled out the Phonitor Matrix technology with cross-feed signal. It is designed to eliminate the “headphone effect” and provide stereo sound “like from full-size speakers.” Also noticed was the analogue volume control, aluminum front panel and robust small cases. Both versions received balanced and unbalanced stereo inputs.

The Phonitor One D model features a DAC based on the premium AKM AK4490 chip. Thus, this modification can be used as a USB DAC with support for PCM up to 32 bit / 786 kHz and DSD4 / DSD256. By the way, the device received a balanced output for full integration into the system. Both models deliver 330mW per channel when connected to 250 ohm headphones.

SPL Phonitor One Phonitor One D

Both amplifiers of the new series are manufactured in Germany. According to SPL, only quality, selected components are used for assembly.

In the US market, the SPL Phonitor One cost $500. For the Phonitor One d model with a built-in converter, they will ask for $700.